Since its inception in 1991, Elmer Arms LLC has been fulfilling the needs of our government and private security clients by providing “cradle to grave” support of our client’s security needs.

With over 30 active clients in all 50 states, Elmer Arms is a multi million dollar corporation with warehousing facilities in multiple states.



Fully Integrated Logistical Support System

Elmer Arms isn’t just “trying to make the sale”. As professionals and former operators we understand the seriousness of the business. We’re here to support the customer for the entire life cycle of the equipment. We’re dedicated to keeping your team operational 24/7.

We do this by:

Warehousing of specific weapons parts for the ability for immediate shipment so nobody is “down waiting for part”

Contracted ammo warehousing so we always have your ammo available. This also allows you to lock in on a cost for ammo, helping to avoid the rising expense of ammo. We also provide ammo drop shipping, for last minute ASAP orders.

A single catalog/ordering form for all gear/weapons/ammo tailored to the customer supply system. This allows for a stream lined ordering process eliminating any confusion about items



Firearms & Ammunition for Law Enforcement

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